Renault Trafic – Fuses Box Diagram (2017)

The diagrams of relay, and fuse blocks of the Renault Trafic (2017), the location, purpose, and description of all blocks in the car are presented.

Diagrams shown for cars 2017

Allocation of fuses Renault Trafic (2017)

Allocation of fuses Renault Trafic (2017)

Fuse Renault Trafic

1 APC load for vehicle with RENAULT card
2 Adjustment
3 Adjustment
4 + battery for vehicles with RENAULT card
5 Additional heating and air conditioning
6 Supplementary passenger compartment heating
7 Electric door mirrors, supplementary central unit adjustment
8 Heated door mirror
9 Radio, multimedia, rear-view mirror, diagnostic socket
10 Pre-equipment, towbar socket
11 Timed battery, passenger compartment unit
12 Right-hand daytime running light, front side lights, right-hand main beam headlight, left-hand dipped beam headlight
13 Hazard warning lights, direction indicator lights
14 Central locking of opening elements
15 Left-hand daytime running light, rear side light, left-hand main beam headlight, right-hand dipped beam headlight
16 Registration plate lighting, front and rear fog lights
17 Alarm, horn, lighting and wiper stalks
18 Instrument panel
19 Heater
20 Rear screen wiper, screenwash pump, horn
21 General APC load
22 Reversing lights
23 Brake switch
24 Injection, starting
25 Airbag, steering column lock
26 Passenger side window control
27 Power-assisted steering
28 Brake lights
29 APC load for vehicle with RENAULT card
30 General service
31 Cigarette lighter, accessories socket
32 Heater
33 Brake light, ABS, transponder
34 Interior lighting, air-conditioning
35 Starting for vehicles with RENAULT card
36 Rear windscreen wiper
37 Electromagnetic notification
38 Accessories socket in the loading area
39 Driver’s side window control motor
40 Rear accessories socket
41 BCM starting
42 Heated seats
43 Heating, air conditioning system
44 Front windscreen wiper
45 Heating, air conditioning system

May Be Useful:

The purpose, and pinout elements in Renault Trafic (2017) may vary depending on the configuration, model, and year of manufacture, and if some electrical device in your car has stopped working, then the cause may be a blown fuse that must be replaced to solve the problem.

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