Komatsu WB93S-5 – Fuses Box Diagram

The diagrams of relay, and fuse blocks of the Komatsu WB93S-5 , the location, purpose, and description of all blocks in the car are presented.

Fuse box Komatsu WB93S-5

Fuse box Komatsu WB93S-5

(A) Protected Circuit
F1 15 Central front work lights
F2 15 Central rear work lights
F3 3 Front left and rear right parking light, parking light warning light, instrument backlighting
F4 3 Front right and rear left parking light, cigarette lighter light
F5 10 Front hom
F6 15 Lateral rear work lights
F7 7,5 Rear windshield wiper, rear hom
F8 7,5 Stop lights, stop light relay
F9 15 Lateral front work lights
F10 10 Front windshield wiper, windshield washer pump
F11 7,5 Boom locking solenoid valve, plate locking solenoid valve
F12 5 Buzzer power supply, general alarm power supply, instrument and front dashboard warning light power supply
F13 10 Optional equipment power supply, 4WD solenoid valve.
F14 10 High beam relay, low beam relay, horn relay, safety valve solenoid valves
F15 10 Engine stop solenoid, ancillary functions relay, air conditioner relay
F16 10 Revolving light power supply
F17 10 Hour counter memory, hazard warning light
F18 10 Cigarette lighter power supply, overhead light
F19 15 Left low beam, right low beam
F20 15 Left high beam, right high beam
F21 10 Return-to-dig sensor power supply, LSS solenoid valve, loader arm floating device solenoid valve, retum-to-dig solenoid valve, direction indicator
F22 7,5 Servo control locking solenoid valve, EC power solenoid valve, PPC power supply
F23 10 Steering unit
F24 7,5 Direction indicator power supply
F25 10 Declutch relay, forward gear solenoid valve, reverse gear solenoid valve, reverse alarm
K1 Safety unit (against repeated start)
K2 Blinking
K3 Low beam relay
K4 High beam relay
K5 Front hom relay
K6 Retum-to-dig relay
K7 Stop light relay
K8 Start enabling relay
K9 Forward gear relay
K10 Reverse relay
K11 Direction indicator power supply relay (declutch)

Komatsu WB93S-5

(A) Protected Circuit
F27 175 General system fuse, ignition key, start relay, pre-heating consent, heating power supply
Protected Circuit
K12 Machine functions relay
K13 Start relay

Machine functions relay

Protected Circuit
K14 Glow plug preheating relay
K15 Multifunction unit

Multifunction unit

(A) Protected Circuit
1 20 1st and 2nd fan speed power supply
2 40 rd fan speed power supply
3 7,5 Air conditioning compressor

Komatsu WB93S-5 Protected Circuit

Protected Circuit
4 rd fan speed relay
5 General heating relay
6 Air conditioning compressor relay

May Be Useful:

The purpose, and pinout elements in Komatsu WB93S-5 may vary depending on the configuration, model, and year of manufacture, and if some electrical device in your car has stopped working, then the cause may be a blown fuse that must be replaced to solve the problem.

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