Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Fuses Box Diagram (2009 – 2011)

The diagrams of relay, and fuse blocks of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2009 – 2011), the location, purpose, and description of all blocks in the car are presented.

Diagrams shown for cars 2009, 2010, 2011

Instrument panel Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2009 – 2011)

Description (A) Power consumer
ABS 7.5A ESP & Rear fog switch, ESP control module, ABS control module, Multipurpose check connector
CLUSTER/ESCL 7.5A Smart key control module, PDM, Sport mode switch, BCM, Instrument cluster (IND.), Multifunction switch (Remocon)
ESCL 10A PDM, Smart key control module
ESCLSW 10A FOB holder, Start stop button switch
START 10A PDM, E/R junction box(start relay), Ignition switch, Ignition lock switch, ICM relay box(B/Hron relay)
P/OUTLET(FR) 15A Front power outlet
P/OUTLET 15A Console power outlet
AUDIO/ESCL 7.5A Audio, Multimonitor, Power outside mirror & Mirror folding switch, BCM, PDM, Smart key control module
A/BAG 15A SRS control module
T/SIG 10A Hazard switch
B/UP LP 10A Back-up lamp switch (M/T), E/R junction box LH (B/UP LP relay)
HAZARD 10A Hazard switch, ICM Relay box (HAZARD relay)
STOP LP 15A Stop lamp switch
AUTO SHIFT LOCK 7.5A E/R junction box LH (Multipurpose check connector), Data link connector, Sport mode switch, Key solenoid
FOG LP(RR) 10A ICM relay box (Rear fog relay)
P/SEAT(LH) 30A Driver power seat switch
A/BAG IND 7.5A Instrument cluster (Air bag IND.)
ECU 10A ECM, TCM, Stop lamp switch, SUB START relay (A/T(G4KF)), Cruise clutch pedal position switch
A/CON 7.5A BCM, A/C control module, Incar temperature sensor, BLOWER relay
WIPER(FR) 25A Multifunction switch (Wiper), Front wiper motor, E/R junction box LH (WIPER (FR) relay)
IGN/ESCL 7.5A PDM, E/R junction box LH (H/LP(HI)/(LO) relay), Vacuum switch, Sunroof control module, Electro chromic mirror, Auto head lamp leveling device sensor, Head lamp leveling device actuator LH/RH
P/WDW(LH) 25A Driver safety window module
P/WDW(RH) 25A Passenger safety window module
SEAT HTR(DRI) 10A Driver seat warmer switch
SEAT HTR(ASS) 10A Passenqer seat warmer switch
MIRROR HTD 7.5A A/C control module, Power outside mirror LH/RH, Rear defogqer (+)
T/LID OPEN 15A Trunk lid & Fuel filler door switch, T/LID relay
TAIL(LH) 7.5A Head lamp LH, Rear combination lamp LH, E/R junction box LH (FOG LP(FR) relay)
10A Head lamp RH, Rear combination lamp RH, Front license lamp, Glove box lamp, Rheostat, Driver/Passenger seat warmer switch, ESP & Rear fog switch, Head lamp leveling device switch, Multimonitor, hazard switch, Audio, Rear license lamp, Driver/Passenger power window switch, Sport mode switch, A/C control module, USB/AUX jack, Instrument cluster (ILL.), Multifunction switch (Remocon)
P/CON (AUDIO) 15A Audio
P/CON (MEMORY) 10A Trunk room lamp, Power outside mirror & Mirror folding switch, MAP lamp, Auto light & Photo sensor/Security indcator, Multimonitor, RF receiver Instrument cluster (MICOM, IND.), A/C control module, BCM, Rear parking assist buzzer, Door warning switch, Vanity lamp LH/RH

Engine compartment main fuse (2009 – 2011)

Description (A) Power consumer
BATT1 30A Fuse (T/LID OPEN 15A, AMP 20A, HAZARD 10A, ESCL 25A, P/WDW (RH) 25A, P/WDW (LH) 25A, ESCL 10A, ESCL SW 10A)
ALT 150A Generator
ABS-1 40A ESP control module, ABS control module, Multipurpose check connector
ABS-2 40A ESP control module, ABS control module
BLOWER 40A Blower relay
HTD GLASS (RR) 40A HTD glass (RR) relay, Fuse (MIRROR HTD 7.5A)
COOLING FAN 50A Cooling fan (HI) relay, Cooling fan (LO) relay
IGN 1 30A ESCL (IGN1) relay, ESCL (ACC) relay, Ignition switch
IGN 2 40A ESCL (IGN2) relay, Start relay, Ignition switch
B/UP LP 10A B/UP LP relay
HORN 15A Horn relay
H/LP (LO) 20A H/LP (LO) relay, Fuse (H/LP LO RH 15A, H/LP LO LH 15A)
H/LP (HI) 20A H/LP (HI) relay, Instrument cluster, Head lamp LH/RH
VACUUM PUMP 15A Vacuum pump relay
A/CON COMP 10A A/Con relay
FOG LP (FR) 10A FOG LP (FR) relay
TAIL 15A TAIL relay, Fuse (TAIL (LH) 7.5A, TAIL (RH) 10A)
HTD GLASS (FR) 15A HTD glass (FR) relay
DRL, B/HORN 15A ICM Relay box (Burglar alarm horn relay)
S/ROOF 20A Sunroof control module
H/LP LO RH 15A Head lamp RH, Head lamp leveling device actuator RH, Head lamp leveling device switch
H/LP LO LH 15A Head lamp LH, Head lamp leveling device actuator LH

Engine compartment sub fuse panel (2009 – 2011)

Description (A) Power consumer
B+ 50A Fuse (F/PUMP 20A, ECU-1 10A), Fusible link (ECU 30A)
ECU (G4KF) 30A ECU main relay (ECU-2, SNSR-1, SNSR-2, INJ)
ECU (G6DA) 30A ECU main relay
F/PUMP 20A F/PUMP relay
ECU-1 10Valu
e (A)
INJ 15A Injector, F/PUMP relay, ECM(G6DA)
IGN COIL 20A Ignition coil, Condenser
SNSR-1 10A Oxygen sensor (UP/DOWN), A/CON relay, Cooling fan (HI) relay, Cooling fan (LO) relay, ECM(G6DA), Mass airflow sensor (G6DA)
SNSR-2 (G4KF) 15A Oil control valve, Canister purge control solenoid valve, Camshaft position sensor, Crankshaft psition sensor, WGT control solenoid valve, RCV control solenoid valve, Immobilizer module
SNSR-2 (G6DA) 15A Oil control valve, Oil control valve(EXHAUST), ECM, Purge control solenoid valve, Immobilizer module

May Be Useful:

The purpose, and pinout elements in Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2009 – 2011) may vary depending on the configuration, model, and year of manufacture, and if some electrical device in your car has stopped working, then the cause may be a blown fuse that must be replaced to solve the problem.

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