Daewoo Cielo – Fuses Box Diagram

The diagrams of relay, and fuse blocks of Daewoo Cielo , the location, purpose, and description of all blocks in the car are presented.

Passenger compartment Daewoo Cielo

The fuse box is located to the right of the steering column under a cover.

Passenger compartment Daewoo Cielo

Fuses (A) Power consumer
1 10 ECM(batt)
2 10 Parking and tail lamps, licence plate lamp
3 10 Air bag*
4 20 High beam
5 10 Low beam(left)
6 10 Low beam(right), head lamp leveling device*
7 30 Fuel pump
8 20 Turn signal lamps, hazard, ABS*(ign.)
9 30 Windshield wipers
10 10 ABS(batt.)*, fuel filler door release
11 10 Air conditioning compressor relay fuse*
12 30 Blower motor fan(low)
13 20 I/P cluster, cigarette lighter, warning chime
14 30 Blower motor fan(high), horn
15 20 Room lamp, antenna
16 30 Power window*
17 10 Radio and cassette*(ign.)
18 30 Auto trunk, central door locking* radio and cassette(batt)
19 Turn signal relay
20 Radiator blower motor fan relay-high speed
21 Fuel pump relay
22 Fog lamp relay
23 Blower motor relay
24 Warning chime relay
25 Rear window wiper relay(HB)*
26 Horn relay
27 Wiper speed control relay*
28 Air conditioning compressor relay*
29 Radiator blower motor fan relay-low speed
30 Rear window defroster time relay
31 Head lamp relay
32 Illumination relay*
33 Window washer pump relay(HB)*
34 30 Blower moter relay fuse*
35 30 Front fog lamp*

May Be Useful:

The purpose, and pinout elements in Daewoo Cielo may vary depending on the configuration, model, and year of manufacture, and if some electrical device in your car has stopped working, then the cause may be a blown fuse that must be replaced to solve the problem.

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