Acura Legend – Fuses Box Diagram (1990)

The diagrams of relay, and fuse blocks of the Acura Legend (1990), the location, purpose, and description of all blocks in the car are presented.
Diagrams shown for cars  1990 models.

Fuse box diagram (1990)

Fuse box diagram Acura Legend (1990)

(A) Power consumer
1 7,5 Power antenna; integrated control unit; radio; climate control; clock; information center control unit
2 20 Power windows (right rear)
3 20 Power windows (right front)
4 20 Power windows (left rear)
5 7,5 Backup lights; integrated.control unit; shift position indicator; clock; gauges: indicators; safety indicator; Information center control unit; turn signal and hazard lights; SRS; shift position, console switch
6 20 Sunroof; wiper/washer motors
7 20 Power door lock control unit; trunk release
8 20 Trailer connector; lights: trunk, ignition key switch, footwall, interior, map, door courtesy, door key; cigarette lighter and illumination
9 10 PGM·FI: fan timer unit; starter relay; gauge; speed sensor amplifier; charging system; SRS
10 10 SRS
11 7,5 Cruise control; security ctmtrol unit
12 20 Power windows (left front); power window control unit
13 7,5 PGM-FI; charge warning indicator light; electronic control unit; starter relay; starter solenoid; neutral safety/back up lights switch; SRS
14 15 Lighting daytime running light relay
15 15 FogligtltS
16 15 Climate control; heater controls; blower controls; power mirror controls; heated mirrors; daytime running light relay; heated seat
17 10 Brakes; rear window defogger; A/C condenser fan
18 10 Security control unit; radio

Relay block diagram (1990)

Relay block diagram Acura Legend (1990)

(A) Power consumer
20 40 ALB motor relay
21 40 Power window relay; amplifier relay/fuse block
22 70 Power distribution
23 40 Dash fuse box
24 40 Power distribution (tgnition switch)
25 30 Rear window defogger relay
26 40 Power distribution (tgnition switch)
27 15 Antilock brake oontrol unit
28 15 Antilock brake oontrol unit
29 15 Antilock brake oontrol unit
30 10 Tum signal and hazard lights
31 20 Brake lights; hom; security Indicator
32 20 Left headlight
33 20 Right headlight
35 15 PGM-FI main relay; security oontrol unit
36 30 Power seat
37 30 Sunroof relays
38 7,5 Alternator; electronic control unit; automatic transmission; power seat memory control unit
39 20 A/C compressor clutch relay; A/C oondenser fan motor
40 20 Radiator fan motor

May Be Useful:

The purpose, and pinout elements in Acura Legend (1990) may vary depending on the configuration, model, and year of manufacture, and if some electrical device in your car has stopped working, then the cause may be a blown fuse that must be replaced to solve the problem.

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